The Project

FRAMELOG – European framework for ‘Knowledge Triangle’ in the logistics sector – is an Erasmus + / Strategic Partnership Project co-funded by the European Commission. The Project, implemented from September 2016 to August 2019, is coordinated by the University of Pisa (Italy) in collaboration with the other partners from Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and Romania.

Following the priorities set in the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda for Higher Educational Institutions, the FRAMELOG Project aims to enhance the contribution of higher education to job-market and growth for Logistics, and its international attractiveness, through close, effective links between education, research and business – the three sides of the “Knowledge Triangle”.

Higher Education Institutions, by tradition, integrate two of the three core elements of a knowledge-based society (research, education) as building blocks in their own mission. More fragmented are the relations established between Higher Education and business influencing therefore both the quality of academic offer and business and professionals’ competitiveness.

The establishment of a “Knowledge Triangle” cooperation in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, within FRAMELOG Project, will support the development of innovative academic offer and qualifications, more relevant for the labor market in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies required by companies. The qualifications, designed according to the Lifelong Learning European principles and criteria will contribute, moreover, to the students’ employability and professional mobility within Europe.

FRAMELOG Project objectives:

Fostering the quality of Higher Education in contributing to the labour market and the economic development;

Supporting the development of academic offers more in line with the qualification requirements of companies and professional qualification systems, and, thus, the employability opportunities for students;

Enhancing transparency and mutual trust mechanisms for the recognition of the professional qualifications to contribute to the professional mobility.