Compendium of good practices in the field of ‘Knowledge Triangle’ approach in Higher Education Institutions: a collection of examples of good practices about the establishment of the Knowledge Triangle-based cooperation among Higher Education Institutions, Research and Business.
The Compendium will represent the basis for disseminating the culture of the Knowledge Triangle and supporting its implementation highlighting the benefits for the stakeholders through examples of efficient application.


The FRAMELOG – European Framework for ‘Knowledge Triangle’ in Higher Education Institutions in logistics sector: guidelines and tools for supporting the implementation and the assessment of the Knowledge Triangle in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
The FRAMELOG, including specific criteria and indicators and the related ICT-based assessment tools, will be a reference framework for HEIs, Research Institutions and Companies interested to collaborate for the Knowledge Triangle establishment for enhancing the quality and the relevance of the academic programmes for the logistics profession.

The ICT-based assessment tool is available at the following link:


Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance: to support Higher Education Institutions in addressing some specific challenges regarding the application of Quality Assurance and Assessment procedures within the FRAMELOG.
This Manual will take into consideration both the existing Qualification Systems & Quality Models and the academic offer in logistics, and will provide possible integrations for enhancing the efficiency of the collaboration between HEIs, Research and Business.



European Validation Report regarding the FRAMELOG and the Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance: based on commonly shared methodology and tools, testing activities will be conducted on the FRAMELOG and the Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance.
The most relevant national and European stakeholders will be involved in consultation activities and multiplier events, organized by the Project partners, with the aim of collecting feedback and suggestions for the fine-tuning of these two key results.
The European Validation Report will integrate the evaluation and recommendations provided by stakeholders for further improvements of the FRAMELOG Project’s outputs.