On February 1st, 2018, Transilvania University of Brasov organised in its Aula the Romanian national workshop aimed at presenting the results of the FRAMELOG project and at consulting the stakeholders so as to determine the validity and sustainability of the intellectual outputs resulted. Participants to the workshop (representatives of HEIs, research institutes, owners’ unions, professional associations, NGO’s, business and secondary professional and technical education) generated constructive debates for consolidating the relationships within the Knowledge Triangle (KT). They concluded that, logically, education shall be at the top of the KT as it must coordinate all the KT’s activity as both supplier and beneficiary of skills.

Furthermore, participants discussed on the way the KT in Logistics may be created and developed in HEIs. For a deep understanding of the concept of KT, an example of good practice of education, research and business cooperation was presented: the BiSolar project. Mr. Ioan Totu, the project manager of the Romanian partner, underlined the importance not only of the results generated in a project, but also of the social responsibility of assisting students in writing their graduation papers by transferring knowledge from research to education whereas business environment may benefit from students results.