18 January 2019 – NATIONAL WORKSHOP “Development of logistics skills: processes, methods and tools for creating knowledge”

Universities, by their mission, tend to integrate two of the three key elements of the knowledge society (training and research), as the main pillars of their action. On the other hand, relations between the university world and the company are less consolidated, with repercussions on both the quality of the academic offer and the competitiveness of the economic and professional system.

The implementation of a “Knowledge Triangle” for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, through the FRAMELOG Project, will allow the development of academic programs and professional qualifications that are innovative and more relevant for the labor market in terms of  knowledge, skills and competences required by companies. The qualifications, defined according to the European principles and criteria of Lifelong Learning, will also contribute to the employability of students and their professional mobility in Europe.

Thanks to the comparison of experts coming from the different areas involved – education, research and business – during the event we tried to understand how the first drafts of solutions and the methods developed in the FRAMELOG context can be effectively implemented in order to concretely reach the objectives prefixed by the project.

Also present as an international guest was Dr. Moritz Petersen, from Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg (DE), who introduced the subject of skills in the field of logistics and the state of the art of training in this strategic sector at European level.