27th and 28th September 2018 – Fifth Transnational meeting among partners in Brașov organized by Transilvania University.
The partners met and discussed about the finalization of Outputs 3 and the beginning of Output 4 of the project:
O3: Guidelines for addressing Quality Assurance and Assessment challenges within the FRAMELOG
O4: Validation Report regarding FRAMELOG and the Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance

Furthermore, on the 28th of September, took place the European Seminar titled “Networking and managing knowledge for Logistics: an European perspective”. The Seminar, organized within the Project framework, addressed the evolution of the Logistics sector, with a focus on challenges of networking and managing knowledge.
Experts, companies from the Logistcs and Supply Chain Management Area and students participated to the Seminar where a panoramic view on the current state of art and future perspectives for professionals were discussed.