On the 14th of March 2019, the European Logistics Association organised in its premises a full day of Focus Group where professors of logistics and supply
chain, researchers from Higher Education Institutes and senior business executives from the logistics sector took part to the event. Several of the participants had multiple profiles and covered more than one angle of triangle particularly in the case of education and research.

The aim of the Expert Focus group was to evaluate the outputs in greater depth and to make recommendations for sustaining the FRAMELOG products beyond the end of the project. A major challenge for many EU projects can be to maintain momentum and ensure that the outputs continue to have value and relevance beyond the end of the EU funding.

In this regards, two case studies of collaboration were presented by members of the group to help set the scene for discussion. Firstly, Professor Gaby Newman of the Technical University of Applied Sciences, Wildau talked about the collaborative seven semester Logistics degree programme offered at her institution. This programme works with SMEs on a regular basis who can come to their logistics courses with ‘real life’ issues for the students to work on. This offers a ‘win win’ approach to collaboration for both small and large organisations.
Professor Ed Sweeney of Aston University talked about a number of collaborative initiatives which are now on offer at his university. These include a part time master’s degree for those already in work in a logistics function at a managerial level.

The participants felt that the Knowledge Triangle was a powerful and robust tool when applied in the logistics sector and therefore the group would like to see its wider adoption and promotion in Europe and beyond. However, the triangle appeared to be viewed through the prism of education and research and the group considered that the involvement of business needed to be further developed in this model. The view of the group was that each part of the triangle should be given equal weight.