On the 13th of March 2019, the European Logistics Association hosted in its premises a half-day workshop with participants from 13 countries where the participants discussed the relevance and usefulness of FRAMELOG’s results for their organisations.

The participants in the workshop, representing business (35.71%) education (42.71%) and research (21.43%), started their discussions with a focus on the purpose and value of the Knowledge Triangle. It was important to establish a common understanding of the Knowledge Triangle before discussing in detail the outputs from the FRAMELOG project. It is assumed that the Knowledge Triangle is common terminology in academia and research and perhaps less known in the business community. However one participant commented that even in academia, the Knowledge Triangle is not always known and understood. Therefore some time was taken to ensure that all the participants shared an understanding of the Triangle.

The workshop participants were asked to describe the biggest challenges in implementing the Knowledge Triangle.
Responses included the conflicting cultures in business and research centres, the different approaches to timing in introducing new programmes, the lack of trust and opposition to change.